Here Comes The (Beautiful) Bride...

1. Budget for your beauty program. It is as important as the gown you will wear; remember the Bride is the most important woman there (ofllowed very closely by Mum), so make sure you make time for you and that you look good.

2. Invest in someone who will be prepared to give you both guidance and time with your beauty treatments. Not just the essential make-up, but the whole package.

3. Aim to have facials in the proceeding months to your wedding so that you skin can gradually adapt to the treatment. Your therapist can advise you on your homecare routine and tinting options for your eyes (a must if you are going someone hot for the honeymoon)

4. Plan your make-up trial at least five weeks before the wedding, this will allow for an accurate trial taking into account the lighting and time of year.

5. Book into a salon for a full body exfoliation and artificial tan two days before the big day. This will make you feel good and you will also be positively glowing on the big day.

6. Make sure all your 'bits' are waxed a few days before the wedding, especially if you are going someone exotic for the honeymoon.

7. If you have good nails have them manicured at least once a week prior to the day. Alternatively, artificial nails are a fantastic option and if professionally applied should last the honeymoon too!

8. Make-up too is best applied by someone who really has experience working with brides. She will know how to make the best of you in a way you cannot see. A fresh eye is always better. Wedding make-up should be uncomplicated, classic and fresh with no harsh lines or colours.

9. Look through magazines to see what 'look' you would like.

Top tips

1. Drink plenty of water - you probably already know this one, but I can't stress enough the importance of water. It keeps the skin and eyes clear and the blood clean. It is vital for the function of all the organs. Without water the body become sluggish and detoxification impossible.

2. Sleep -eyes are the windows of the soul!
As the skin and body renews itself when we sleep you should be looking to get a regular eight hours sleep per night - especially coming closer to the wedding day. Make-up can only do so much; if you are worn out this will show in your expression, not just your eyes.

3. A good diet will help you cope with the stressful times -eating fast food will slow down the digestive process and again make you sluggish, tired and more often than not will effect your mood as well as your waistline. Plenty of fruit and vegetables will keep you right.

Bridal Trial

At the trial many brides are feeling totally exhausted -and that is normally four weeks prior to the wedding! I know that their make-up trial is an uplifting, positive time for them, because finally it is all about them -not the flowers, cars or photographs but about them. Even on the day of the wedding, I always request that the make-up is applied in a 'quiet room' - as this is normally the last thing to do just before the dress is put on -so my bride is finally relaxed and has a few minutes to herself before the day begins.

  • Approximately 4-6 weeks prior to wedding
  • Request that she wears a pale colour with wide neckline to see décolletage
  • Wear a light make-up
  • Bring along tears from magazines
  • Bring along friend/mother for support
  • Leave fiance at home!
  • Allow 1.5 hours for trial and to discuss arrangements for the morning and products needed.
  • Discuss money and payment arrangements